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August 2015

Barn owls breeding at Overtown!

We are delighted to share the wonderful news that barn owls have bred successfully at Overtown this year. We see them occasionally flying across the lane at night but have never seen them in or around the farm buildings before. We put up a barn owl box this spring but the owls chose (very sensibly) to move into our Cotswold stone barn instead and a baby owl left the nest and fledged successfully two weeks ago.

Mutton and Speciality Lamb Sausages

Our fist batch of lamb sausages (Lamb and Rosemary or Merguez...spicy ones with paprika and cayenne pepper...have gone down a storm and we have a few packs available if you'd like to try them. Priced at around £5 per pack of 12 (according to weight) these meaty, robust sausages are a real treat. 
As usual, the mutton was virtually sold out before I got it back form the butcher but we do have a bit of whole minced mutton left. This is made from whole cuts of mutton and is superb. Dry fry, drain off any excess fat (you really, really need this to get the amazing flavour) and you have the basis for the best Shepherd's pie you will ever eat. £11.50.kg in approx 1kg packs.

February 2015

Sheep worrying...
We are very upset to report that we had a sheep attacked by a dog a couple of weeks ago. The incident was witnessed and the dog was chased off but the sheep was severely injured. There was nobody with the dog (a medium sized white dog with brown head and white on the neck) and despite enquiries locally and reporting it to the police, nobody has come forward. 
The police took the incident very seriously and have supplied us with Gloucestershire Constabulary Rural Crime Watch signs to put up on the public paths warning dog owners to put their dog on a lead and we shared photos on our Facebook page. As a result of our farm vets sharing it on the Wood Veterinary group page, the story went viral with over 25,000 likes and shares so hopefully the message will get round. Dogs on SHORT leads at all times on farmland and make sure your garden is secure so your dog can't escape!
At the time of writing, the stitches have been removed but thee ewe is still in sick bay as one of the wounds was too extensive to stitch and needs daily cleaning and attention. Our biggest worry is whether she and the rest of the flock have been so upset and stressed that they have aborted their lambs, a common problem when sheep are distressed in early pregnancy.
We will be ultra sound scanning the ewes on 20th February and so we will know then if we are expecting the usual number of lambs or whether this incident has led to losses.

May 2014

Mutton now available!...
After many requests we are very pleased to be able to supply our own organic mutton, available spring and autumn fresh, or frozen at other times of year.
Our mutton is hung for 14 days to tenderise the meat and develop the flavour and can be supplied in a range of roasting and slow cooking joints, or in diced and minced for tagine, curry, meatballs etc. Offal (kidney, heart and liver) also available.
See the "Our Organic meat" page for further details and current prices.

November 2013

Beef and Lamb for Christmas...
We still have a little beef in stock but our next batch of beef and lamb will be available from early December.If you would like a particular joint for Christmas, please remember to order by 21st November so we can give our butcher the details. See the "Our Organic meat" page for current prices.

June 2013

Open Farm Sunday...on Saturday!!
Come and visit us on Saturday 8th June from 1.30pm when we will be hosting Cranham School's Country Show combining Open Farm Sunday in the "Open Farm Barn".
Lots to do and see for all the family including farm tractor and trailer tours, meet the orphan lambs and calf, quad train, pony rides, BBQ, inflatables, slide and climbing wall, craft and trade stalls and teas. More info on our Open Farm page here...

We are on Facebook and Twitter!...
Overtown Farm has is own Facebook page. Go to http://www.facebook.com/OvertownFarm and click the "LIKE" button to receive regular updates.
You can also follow us on Twitter at 

Beef due late June. Lamb Burgers in stock NOW...
The next batch of beef is due in late June and we have lamb available for collection now including some wonderful lamb and mint burgers. These are made from prime cuts including loin and leg and not just the cheaper cuts such as breast and shoulder.
 If you would like a specific cut of beef e.g rib of beef on the bone,  please get in touch to pre-order.

November 2012
Order your beef and lamb for Christmas....The next batch of beef will be available from Friday 16th November. We have already sold out of rib on the bone but have Topside and Silverside roasting joints available to feed 8-10 people and priced at £14.50/kg . 
We also have this seasons lamb available for immediate collection. 
See the Our Organic Meat page for further details of box sizes available or give us a call or email via the contact form if you would like to placed an order.

September 2012
Beef due on Friday 7th Sept...The next batch of beef will be available from Friday. Give us a call or email via the contact form if you would like to placed an order.

August 2012
August 4th 2012 ... 
Lamb available now. Beef due early September! 
We have a limited quantity of lamb available from the freezer for collection now and a new batch of beef will be available from early September.Please use the contact form if you would like to place an order for either.

November 2011
November 4th 2011 ... Beef back in stock today! 
We have a new batch of beef available from today. Mixed boxes priced at £8.50/kg and Prime boxes (Rib or Topside joints and steaks) priced at £14.50/kg.
Box prices from £50 upwards. 
 Lamb is still available but selling fast so please use the contact form if you would like to place an order for either.
October 2011
October 6th 2011 ... Lamb available from 14th October.
The next batch of lamb is due back on Friday 14th October. As usual, we have a waiting list and limited quantities available so if you would like to place an order then please get in touch via the "contact us" link as soon as possible so as not to miss the boat. We now have chilling facilities and can keep meat cool for up to 3 days without freezing it, so if you are unable to pick-up on the day you can still have your meat unfrozen if you wish.
We have some beef in stock and will be getting more back on 4th November in time for Christmas orders. If you would like to order a box and would like a special joint included for Christmas e.g  a large Topside or large rib on the bone then just let us know so we can give the butcher his instructions .
August 2011
August 3rd 2011... New season lamb available soon!
This season's lambs are growing fast, despite the dry weather and apparent lack of grass. We have already sent off a small batch for sale to one of the major supermarkets and we expect to have  lamb available for sale from the farm by early September. We have a waiting list already so please get in touch if you would like to be added. We will also be sending out a newsletter to our mailing list soon with further details.
July 2011
July 18th 2011... New bird and nature records
Thanks to our neighbour John Fleming, we are now able to feature a regular bird and nature sighting report for Overtown and it's immediate surroundings. John is an experienced and dedicated bird enthusiast and his knowledge of the wildlife on and around the farm is incredible. The records will be posted regularly on our blog and you can subscribe to this so you receive updates when they are available. To access the blog, click on the "Blog"  link at the top of this page.
June 2011
June 3rd 2011... Plans for Open Farm Sunday are going on apace and the scones have been ordered....all 130 of them!
Wet weather contingency plans are also being laid just in case, including extra children's activities, and we will be going ahead whatever the weather. Drop us a line to enquiries@overtownfarm.co.uk if you would like any more information or to book a place on the farm walk. If we are rained off, we will substitute this with a short illustrated talk on "A day in the life of Overtown Farm" followed by a Q&A session.
May 2011
14th May 2011... Open Farm Sunday
On Sunday 12th June we  will be participating in Open Farm Sunday for the third year running and this year, there is the added bonus that you can catch the "shuttle bus" from Overtown to the nearby National Trust Ebworth Centre to see their Belted Galloway cows and calves so you get a bit of a two for one....and it's all free! Come along for a short farm walk, feed the orphan lambs, browse the plant stall, look at the food and farming exhibitions, pick up your free welcome pack and then treat yourself to a cream tea in aid of charity. More details on our OFS listing here
" Exploring Horse" workshop...only one place left!
This popular workshop on June 25th, with Nayana Morag is almost booked up so if you have been dithering, get in touch now as there is only one place left. For more info go to the courses and events page.
3rd May 2011... BEEF IN STOCK NEXT FRIDAY. The next batch of beef will be arriving on Friday 6th May. In anticipation of 2011 being the BBQ summer we were promised for 2010, we have included packs of 6 prime quarter pound beefburgers. These will be included in the beef boxes but are also available separately in larger quantities if required. As usual, we already have a list of customers waiting for beef so do get in touch as soon as possible if you have yet to reserve your order.
April 2011
8th April 2011... New Blog. Keep up to date with Overtown Farm's very own "Lambing Live" plus occasional updates through the farming year via our new Blog at http://pauhla.blogspot.com/
5th April 2011... LAMB ALMOST SOLD OUT!!! We have very limited lamb available due to the last of our 2010 season lambs being snapped up by a manufacturer of organic baby food!  This is good news for babies but not great for those of you who were hoping to have more frozen lamb over the summer. If this is you and you don't have room in the freezer, we are happy to store it for you for a few weeks if you buy it now but please get in touch with us as soon as possible. It is strictly first come first served and when it is gone there will be no more till the new season's lambs come on line in September.
BEEF... We have a little beef left in stock ( fillet steak and rib joints are sold out I'm afraid) and the next batch will be ready in mid May. This will include premium quarter pound burgers for the BBQ season sold in packs of 4.
If you would like to order a larger quantity, we can supply them loose packed in boxes of 2kg. Please get in touch for more information or to order. 
March 2011
24th March 2011... Just over 2 weeks till lambing. 75% of lamb growth is in the last 8 weeks of their 5 month pregnancy so the ewes are all being fed extra now. Those  expecting multiple's (twins and triplets) are in the field next to the farm so if you are walking, riding or cycling on the bridleway off the B4070, please go slowly through the field, keep your dog on a short lead and allow a bit of time for them to get out of the way as they are now very pregnant and  it's hard work!
After the huge success of our plant and flower stall last year, we have linked up again this year with local florist Britt McIntyre http://www.brittflower.co.uk 
to offer fresh cut flowers. Bouquets are available from the stall at the farm entrance and later in the season, a wide variety of plants will also be for sale in aid of our chosen charity Tree of Life for Animals Veterinary Hospital in India. http://www.tolfa.org.uk
If you would like to order some special flowers for collection from the farm, please either contact Britt (business cards are available on the stall) or use the "contact us" form here and we will arrange for her to give you a call to discuss your requirements.
February 2011
February 17th 2011... The next batch of lamb will be available from Friday 25th February and the beef will be available for collection on Friday 11th March. Please see the How to order page for details of how to order your box.
February 16th 2011... As expected, the lambing percentage is down at 169% this year because the hard winter diverted reserves to keep the ewes going rather than producing multiple litters of lambs. We would usually hope for 180% or more. Our of 341 sheep, 6 weren't pregnant, 121 are expecting a single lamb, 186 are expecting twins and the big surprise was that 28 are expecting triplets. The most we have ever had up till now was 19 sets of triplets last year. Still, with all those singles, at least there will plenty of foster Mothers about to rear the "spare" lambs but we will have our work cut out getting them all bonded successfully.
February 15th is Sheep Scanning day.  How many lambs we will be expecting this year? Check this page next week to find out! 
Feb 1st...We are taking orders for beef and lamb NOW!
The next batch of beef will be available in Mid March. Three quarters of it has already been pre-ordered so don't forget to give us your order soon or you may miss out!
January 2011
January 26th 2011...
For the third year running we will be participating in Open Farm Sunday on Sunday June 12th. This is a national event and this year the theme is "Discovering life on the farm".
Entry is free, everyone who comes will receive a free info pack and there will be displays on farming life, a farm walk, open garden, plant sale, orphan lambs to feed and cream teas sold in aid of our nominated charity, Tree of Life for Animals which runs an animal hospital in Rajasthan, Northern India. ( http://www.tolfa.org.uk/)
For more information go the Open Farm Sunday website at www.farmsunday.org
For details of our event, put Overtown Farm GL4 8HQ in the search box.
January 25th 2011...
Announcing the launch of the Overtown Farm website!!!
click here to read the latest entry and subscribe to our farm blog. 
Below you will find a range of documents including information sheets and back copies of our newsletter. We hope you find them useful.
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