Overtown Farm  - Organic Beef and Lamb
About our Meat
Soil Association Licence no: G4314
Organic certification UK5
Our home-produced meat is reared to Soil Association Organic Standards and carefully prepared, matured and butchered at a local Organic licensed abattoir and butchery to achieve maximum tenderness and flavour. It is then vacuum-packed in individual cuts for your convenience and to ensure it will keep well in your freezer. Finally, it is packed into a plain white cardboard box that can be returned to us for  re-use or recycled locally.
We are sometimes asked where our meat comes from. All our meat is from animals born on this farm. We do not buy in livestock to rear-on and we keep our animals on the farm for their whole lives. It is important to us that our animals do not have to travel long distances to slaughter. For this reason, our abattoir of choice is Broomhalls at Eastington, near Stroud, a journey of about half hour and we usually take a small number of lambs at a time in our own livestock trailer. If we need to use a haulier, we use Alan Jones of Bisley Transport, an experienced livestock haulier who we have used for over 20 years and who we trust to take care of our livestock in transit.
Our meat is collected from the abattoir by the Woodchester Meat Company, themselves organic farmers, and they hang it in their chill room and then butcher and pack to our requirements.
 All our beef is cross bred from traditional Breeds such as the Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and South Devon, which produce excellent beef within an Organic system where a grass-based diet is mandatory. This allows the animal to mature in its own time and gives the best results.
Our lambs are born indoors for their safety but will be out grazing grass with their mothers within 72 hours of birth (weather permitting!) and will spend their whole lives outdoors. We time our lamb sales so that they are already weaning naturally from their mothers so as to reduce stress to an absolute minimum.
We sell both lamb and beef by the box so you can have locally/regionally produced, high quality organic meat at an affordable price all year round.
Our Meat Boxes....What's in the box?
(All prices are approximate. Actual pack price is according to weight.)
Lamb: Priced at at £11.50/kg and available Sept-April, either fresh (to order whenever a new batch is due back) or frozen. Available frozen only from April to Sept. Pictured right is a typical half lamb box.
 Whole legs and shoulders available to special order at £12.50/kg.
Lamb burgers (made form whole lamb cuts) in packs of 4 and lamb and 500g approx packs of Rosemary sausages and Merguez sausages (spicy with paprika and cayenne pepper) usually available and can be included in your box.

Mutton and Hoggett:
Mutton joints (meat from sheep over 2 years old) and Hoggett (meat from animals over 1 year old), mince and diced (ideal for curries, tagines and Mediterranean casseroles)  available February to September or to order at £11.50.kg

Quarter lamb: From £45 approx.
  • Half leg of lamb (either leg or shank joint)
  • Half shoulder (either knuckle or blade)
  • 2 packs of chops (loin, chump and cutlets)
Half lamb: From £75 approx.
  • Leg of lamb divided into two joints…Leg and Shank for roasting
  • Shoulder of lamb divided into two joints…Blade and Knuckle for roasting
  • Loin Chops, Chump chops and Cutlets…A selection of each. Average 4 packs of chops (2 or 4 in a pack) per half lamb box
  • Neck chops (for soup or a classic Irish stew)
  • Kidney
  • Liver 
  • Pack of mince, lamb burgers or sausages if required (according to availability)
Whole lamb: From £160 approx.
Whole Lamb boxes contain all the above…twice, other than where physiologically impossible!!
Whole legs/shoulders available to order.
If you would like a whole lamb for a split roast or BBQ or you wish to butcher your own, we may be able to supply this with advance notice so please do ask.

Beef: available to order all year round in mixed freezer selection boxes with large rib joints and other cuts available to special order. Our beef is priced at £12.50 per kg and box prices range from approx. £50 - £200 with sizes to suit families of all sizes. (Pictured is a typical £100 mixed box).
Each box contains a range of roasting joints (slow roast, brisket, rib on the bone, silverside, topside, chuck roast), steaks (fillet, sirloin and rump), braising steak, diced beef and mince, all vacuum packed, labelled and ready to put in your freezer. Premium boxes (comprising of any combination of steaks, rib on the bone and topside) are charged at £16.50/kg and rib joints or large Topside joints can be ordered individually at £16.50/kg.
 Premium Organic Beef Burger boxes and Steak and Burger BBQ boxes seasonally available to order.
And finally....Buying direct from an Organic producer means:
  • Traceability from farm to plate. Knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was produced.
  • High standards of animal welfare and environmental management.
  • Seasonally available, local, naturally-produced, simple food with a flavour that is unsurpassed.
  • Supporting the local economy and landscape.
  • Cutting out the middleman and getting high quality, British meat without paying supermarket premiums.
  • Helping to reduce food miles and carbon footprints while saving money by buying in bulk.
PLEASE NOTE: We generally have both beef and lamb in the freezer but because we are a small, specialist producer, we aim to have at least half of the beef boxes pre-ordered before we send the animal to the butchers. This ensures a regular turnover of stock for us and therefore a longer storage time in the customers freezer, but it does mean that while we will always try to accommodate special orders, we need to know well in advance so that we can plan ahead when to send in the next beast. When you taste our meat you will realise it is worth the wait (that is not us being big-headed. It is a quote from several customers!)
  We sell at what we believe is a very a reasonable price in freezer-sized mixed packs so that organic food is more affordable to more families, but this means that unfortunately, we are not usually able to supply individual joints.
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